Any kind of legal issues related to Real Estate are called property disputes. While it might sound simple, the term ‘property’ carries a wide bandwidth and involves a massive range of possible disputes over different kinds of land property. The property that will be involved in the dispute can be anything from a vacant flat, home, condominium, pond, well, grassland, shop or any other possible element of real property. The disputes related to property can be big or small, or it might occasionally affect the marketability of the title. However, it doesn't need to be in order to be called a dispute. Many people can be involved in a property dispute and might need some legal help from our team of expert property dispute lawyers. People who can be involved in a property dispute are Landlords and tenants, Neighbors, Homeowner Associations, Trespassers, Government agencies, Family members, Municipalities, Builders, Developers and more. Property dispute of all kinds is fought by Kanoon-e's team of lawyers who are experienced in looking after such cases. We provide free consultation and advice to work on client satisfaction. Boundary Disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, zoning disputes, utility easements, ownership disputes, zoning issues are some of the key highlighted legal battles taken care of by the team of advocates at Kanoon-e.

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